Companies often ask us to advise them on selecting and processing industrial textiles, especially where durability and quality of appearance are important.

Printable has established a long-standing reputation for it expertise as well as its friendly and fast service. As a small company, we are flexible and eager to meet and, where possible, exceed the expectation and demands of our clients. This mission is also reflected in our aim behind our canvas technology: to achieve the highest standards and highest quality of the printed and varnished canvas for our clients.

Printable provides printed and varnished canvas for the textile processing industries. Our substrates achieve the best hard-wearing resistance, combined with freedom of choice in design and ideas. Our printing and coating technique for industrial applications has fundamentally revolutionised the market, and is becoming increasingly well-known in various industries.

Founded in 1999, Printable started by printing side-curtains for trucks, whose owners demanded high image quality and long durability. Over recent years, we have expanded our range of printed and varnished canvasses to cover a wide range of applications.

Are you looking for a textile processing company that works with our products? Are you interested in working with our canvas for a project? Or would you like a clear explanation of why our canvas makes a difference? Contact our team, and we will be delighted to help you.

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