Architects and constructors are becoming more creative with customized designs for stunning tensile structures. Adding printed graphics to a tensile structure creates an extra dimension for a project and leads to an impressive effect, whether you want the structure to blend in or stand out.

Printable Technical Textiles offers a durable printing solution for tensile structures. With complete creative freedom in design and color choice and a 10-year unlimited warranty on appearance, we open doors for a new generation of tensile structures.

Our SolidskinTec printing process is the ideal solution for a durable printed tensile structure that needs to stay bright for years. The printed technical textiles are guaranteed to stay beautiful and to have a longer lifespan. SolidskinTec is a unique process that fuses inks with a special polyurethane varnish into technical textiles. This process enhances the properties of the printed fabric in terms of color intensity, color retention, flexibility, and dirt resistance. These added properties enable us to provide unique guarantees to printed technical textiles. SolidskinTec is unlike any other solution in the market.

Unrivalled warranty

Printable Technical Textiles offers the best solutions for a beautiful and long-lasting printed tensile structure. Thanks to SolidskinTec, we can offer the highest guarantees in the market.

We collaborate with the world’s best technical textile manufacturers, such as the Serge FerrariMehler TexnologiesSattlerSioen Industries, and Heytex. Together, we have selected and developed a wide range of mesh and solid membranes that are suitable for our SolidskinTec printing process.

Printed tensile roof

Dirt-repellent membranes

The SolidskinTec printing process transforms the top surface of technical textiles into an apolar closed surface that prevents the adherence of water particles – a phenomenon known as the lotus effect because it resembles the way lotus flowers repel water and dirt. Dirt, moisture, and mold particles cannot adhere to this closed surface, so the textile retains its flexibility and appearance in all weather conditions. Tensile structures printed with SolidskinTec are self-cleaning through rainfall, or can be cleaned with just water – no need for aggressive detergents.

Fabric roofs

Beautiful, UV-resistant tensile structures

An essential characteristic of the SolidskinTec process is the print’s resistance to UV radiation. This can break down the ink pigment molecules, causing discoloration. The polyurethane varnish used in our SolidskinTec printing process ensures that the pigments of the printed technical textiles are protected from UV damage, so the tensile structure will look the same even after many years, without bleaching or fading.

Printed fabric roof

Sample requests and color proofing for your textile structures

Our experts are happy to share their passion and extensive knowledge about the use of printed technical textiles with you. Call us at +31342405125 or mail us at As part of our range of services, Printable is happy to provide samples for your production or sample room.