No print has to withstand more forces than the ones used for outdoor play and water play applications. Printable Technical Textiles is a leading textile supplier for manufacturers of outdoor play and water play concepts around the world. Whether it’s an underwater application where prints need to resist chloride, or an outdoor climbing volcano with a print that needs to endure the elements, the polyurethane varnish we use in our fusion process is the best protection for outdoor and water play concepts.

High graphical quality

Prints for outdoor and water play concepts need to stay vibrant and colorful for the lifetime of the structure. The polyurethane varnish we apply in the SolidskinTec process fuses with the inks and technical textile, protecting the integrity of the print from fading and cracking for years to come. The SolidskinTec printing process improves ink adhesion to enhance color intensity and make the printed fabric dirt-repellent and resistant to mechanical stress. This contributes to the long-term preservation of the print and the technical textile.

Outdoor play and Water play
Benefits for outdoor and water play applications

Strong and UV-resistant

Our innovative SolidskinTec printing process results in high-quality imagery with vibrant colors and fabric that is UV-resistant and dirt-repellent for exceptional endurance. Prints with SolidskinTec offer an unrivalled lifespan, making it the most durable solution available for outdoor and water play applications.


Dirt-repellent and chloride-resistant

Prints for outdoor or underwater applications need extra protection. The SolidskinTec printing process alters the nanoscopic surface of the technical textile so that dirt particles, chemicals, and water droplets cannot adhere to it. This property is known as the lotus effect because it resembles the way lotus flowers repel water and dirt. This hydrophobic surface is self-cleaning and easier to maintain because it repels dirt and bacteria better than untreated textiles. Water cannot damage the inks, and the polyurethane varnish we use in the SolidskinTec printing process is even resistant to chlorides.

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