Printable Technical Textiles is specialist in durably printing technical textiles. SolidskinTec is a unique printing process that guarantees high quality durable prints that resist wear and tear, repel dirt, and maintain their appearance for years.

Printable Technical Textile raises the bar in printed technical textiles. The development of our SolidskinTec printing process allows us to offer the most durable solution for printed technical textiles intended for long-term use.

SolidskinTec is a unique process that fuses inks and a special polyurethane varnish into the textile. This process results in a product that is durable and dirt-resistant, with colors that stay bright for longer.

How we began

We began printing side curtains for trucks. Major European trailer manufacturers and transportation companies have relied on our SolidskinTec for years because our printed truck side curtains are the highest quality and most durable on the market.

New markets and applications

Other markets such as leisure, architecture, and the event industry, saw the need for high-quality, technically durable, printed textiles that were guaranteed to last. We have worked with companies worldwide to provide solutions for a variety of needs, such as tensile architecture, textile facades, tensile structures, and sunshades. Other examples are in the leisure industry with trampoline parks and festival tents. Our prints with SolidskinTec are even used for outdoor furniture, bicycle bags and boxing bags.

Changing the industry

Our experts are happy to share their passion and extensive knowledge about the use of printed technical textiles. We work with partners in the technical textiles industry to advise on the selection and printing of industrial textiles.

A unique production process

Our Solidskin Technology, or SolidskinTec, is the result of 15 years of research and development. Textile pre-treatment, high quality printing, and a unique polyurethane varnish form the basis of our technology. Prints produced with our SolidskinTec process are UV-resistant, dirt-repellent, and withstand wear and tear.

Printable Technical Textiles

Fabric selection and pre-treatment

Printable Technical Textiles works with high-quality technical textiles that have been specifically selected and prepared for our printing process. For this purpose, we have collaborated with the world’s leading manufacturers of technical textiles to select and develop a wide range of solid and mesh fabrics for our SolidskinTec printing process that meet the demands of various industries.

Printable Technical Textiles

High quality printing process

We print technical textiles with top-of-the-line printers. Our print heads are adapted to our production process. Our printers can match color standards such as PMS or RAL. Our operators are highly trained professionals who focus on quality and maintain the highest production standards.

Our unique fusion process

The SolidskinTec process fuses inks and a polyurethane varnish into the technical textile. This process enhances the technical textile with a guaranteed longer-lasting appearance, lower maintenance costs, and better physical performance throughout its lifespan.

Research and Development

At Printable Technical Textiles, we are constantly improving our technology to make technical textiles and our production process more sustainable.

Unique outdoor curtain facade for Moussafir Architects

In 2023, this 1970s building in Paris’ Marais district was transformed into a stylish multipurpose building by renowned architect Jacques Moussafir. One of the main eye-catchers is the absolutely unique printed fabric facade system, for which Moussafir Architects collaborated with Dutch company Inside Outside.

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Award winning facade artwork for Puma Headquarters

We are delighted to announce that our project has received a Silver Award in the Roll-to-roll Printed Textiles category at the FESPA Global Print Expo. This unique 2,000 m2 facade artwork, ‘The Conversation,’ was created for Puma Headquarters in Somerville, near Boston, USA. Printable Technical Textiles printed the facade textile with their SolidskinTec printing process.

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Printable received DEKRA certification ISO 9001

At Printable Technical Textiles we strive for top quality, both of our products and of our relationship with customers and suppliers. We are therefore pleased to announce that this ambition has recently been expressed in certification according to ISO 9001.

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SolidskinTec hits the rail...again

With rail transportation rapidly gaining popularity as a sustainable alternative to road transportation, the demand for (technically) durable rail vehicles is also growing. So too, are these so-called "Shimmns" for steel coil transport.

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Zipscreens Maastricht University NL

Maastricht University commissioned the renowned and award winning photographer Robin de Puy to create an artwork for these screens. The images used for the sunscreens show humanity in different settings. Each printed zipscreen has its own photo and obviously, these beautiful photos deserved a print quality to the highest standards. The artwork is called “Screening Diversity”.

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Nitrogen oxide absorbing facade

Printable Technical Textiles was involved in the world’s first Nitrogen Oxide absorbing facade (NOx), installed in Hamburg, Germany. This innovation truly fits our passion for printed technical textiles for long-term use.

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Clarijs reCYCLEbags printed with SolidskinTec

Not only trucks use our SolidskinTec printing process to preserve appearance during transportation. Also, Clarijs uses our printed and coated canvas for their (cycle)bags and bakfiets covers. Like trucks, these bags are subject to excessive use and weather conditions and need to withstand the test of time. Printable delivers custom printed and printed series productions with outstanding quality. Clarijs also creates bags from our leftover materials to create a more sustainable bag with a surprisingly funny result.

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Beyond the sustainable facade

A PES/PVC fabric facade as a flexible second skin around a building is one of the most cost-effective solutions, as it can retain up to 80% of the heat from the sun. It’s a low-cost solution compared to other facade claddings, and it offers a higher degree of customization as the fabrics can be printed with any pattern or design. They are characterized by their lightweight, high durability, flexibility, and resistance to different weather conditions.

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Printed event tents

Festivals, food-fests, glampings and campings, we can't get enough of it. And they all share the same roof... tents. Printed event tents are hot! Be it a gigantic tent for a festival audience or a private textile roof for two. Printable delivers on-demand printed tent technical textiles.

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Truck side curtain in custom colors

Isn’t it beautiful? The matching colours of the printed curtain sider and the colour of the cabin make for a unique and impressive identifying image. However, what will it look like in a year, after UV-radiation and other harsh weather conditions have shown their forces? Well, just as beautiful as it looks now!

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Technical textiles printed in RAL colors

Printable Technical Textiles offers an answer for architectural substrates needed in custom solid colors. Our on-demand printing technique enables us to match any desired color, e.g., RAL colors, quickly produced and for any quantity without restrictions.

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Truck side curtains. 8 tips for designers

A full-color truck side curtains are a perfect way to profile a product or service to the public. To create a compelling message and utilize the opportunities to their fullest, there are a few things to consider when coming up with the design. Here are 8 points to consider when designing curtain sides for lorries.

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