Roofer makes tough furniture: furniture that can stand rough handling and is suitable for intensive use. Because their furniture is sturdy and easy to keep clean, it is often applied in public areas. Moreover, Roofer offers freedom of choice in both form and implementation. When customers choose a custom print on Bisonyl, Printable comes into play.

Printable is proud to deliver the printed material with its famous coating. Being vandal proof and able to resist markers or paint, the tailor made print will not be easily damaged. And they are hygienic and easy to clean, because the surface of the coating is so dense that dirt or anything – can be easily wiped off with a wet towel. Besides the physical benefits, the aesthetic value is one of a kind. Roofer offers customisation for each project and due to the high-gloss finish, it looks fresh and appealing.

We love the designs the Roofer team makes for their clients and we’re very happy to add our expertise to help this creative company to come to these beautiful results.