Printed technical textiles with SolidskinTec are suited for demanding applications and harsh environments. Their technical durability is proven in practice. The prints are dirt-repellent, inks do not crack, and colors are intense and UV-stable. Technical textiles printed with SolidskinTec stay beautiful for longer with less maintenance.

Textile Architecture

Printable Technical Textiles offers the most durable solution for printed textile architecture, like fabric facades, tensile roofs and sunscreens, for countless creative opportunities. Whether you would like your project to stand out with vibrant designs or blend in with colors or motifs that match the surroundings, we can help.

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Event and Leisure

Printable Technical Textiles supplies the most renowned manufacturers in the Event and Leisure industry with printed technical textiles for festival tents, indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, soft play products, and more. They rely on our SolidskinTec printing process because of the unrivalled quality, dirt repellency, longer lifespan, and easy maintenance.

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Printed side curtains for trucks

Printable Technical Textiles began printing and coating side curtains for trucks 20 years ago. Today, our SolidskinTec printing process has become a household name in this market, with many truck side curtains hitting the road every year. Europe’s major trailer and tarpaulin manufacturers rely on our SolidskinTec printing process for their premium printed side curtains.

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Hospitality and Public Sector

Printable Technical Textiles supplies manufacturers of (outdoor) furniture with printed technical textiles for their projects. Fabrics printed with SolidskinTec can resist heavy mechanical stress and are the most durable product for heavy-use applications; no print can withstand more against less maintenance.

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Outdoor visuals

Most outdoor visuals are for temporary use. On some occasions, however, a long lifespan is a great added value. Think of large format banners where the costs for installation are high or corporate branding on buildings in which corporate colors and logos may not fade. Durable quality remains perfect for up to 10 years! Banners produced with the SolidskinTec printing process are protected with a PU-varnish, ensuring the most extended lifespan.

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