Indoor playgrounds need to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Textiles printed with SolidskinTec can resist heavy mechanical stress, making them the most durable product available for heavy use applications such as trampoline parks and soft play areas in indoor playgrounds. The unique characteristics of our SolidskinTec printing process provide an ideal solution for indoor play applications.

Strong and non-delaminating prints

Thanks to our innovative SolidskinTec printing process, our prints can take a beating. Indoor play textiles printed with SolidskinTec offer an unrivalled lifespan and are the most durable products available on the market. Our polyurethane varnish fuses with the inks and the technical textile, ensuring that the print cannot delaminate and is protected from wear and tear.

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Bacteria repellent and easier cleaning

When it comes to safety, hygiene is an important aspect for indoor playgrounds and soft play areas. The SolidskinTec printing process alters the nanoscopic surface of the technical textile so that dirt particles, chemicals, and water droplets cannot adhere to it. This property is known as the lotus effect because it resembles the way lotus flowers repel water and dirt. This hydrophobic surface is self-cleaning and easier to maintain because it repels dirt and bacteria better than untreated textiles, meaning it is safer to use in indoor play environments.

Technical Textile applications

Sample requests and color proofing for your indoor play production?

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