Printed structures and tents for events need to make an impression. Not only should they look great, but they must also be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and the frequent wear and tear of assembly. Technical textiles printed with SolidskinTec are highly durable, making them the perfect choice for a multiple-use event tent or event structure.

Unrivaled image quality

The polyurethane varnish we apply in our fusion process gives your printed event structure a unique appearance that ensures it will stand out in the crowd. The SolidskinTec printing process improves ink adhesion to enhance color intensity and make the printed fabric dirt-repellent and resistant to mechanical stress. This contributes to the long-term preservation of the print and the technical textile.

festival tents

Dirt-repellent and low maintenance

The SolidskinTec printing process transforms the top surface of technical textiles into an apolar closed surface that prevents the adherence of water particles – a phenomenon known as the lotus effect because it resembles the way lotus flowers repel water and dirt. Dirt, moisture, and mold particles cannot adhere to this closed surface, so the textile retains its flexibility and appearance in all weather conditions. Event tents printed with SolidskinTec are self-cleaning through rainfall, or can be cleaned with just water – no need for aggressive detergents.

printed tent fabric

No UV bleaching

The SolidskinTec process results in a print that is resistant to UV radiation. UV radiation can break down the pigment molecules in inks, causing bleaching and discoloration. The polyurethane varnish used in our SolidskinTec printing process protects the pigments from UV radiation damage, which means your tensile structure will look the same even after ten or more years of sun exposure, without any signs of fading.

tensile roofing

Information and sample requests for your project?

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