Otto Fuchs KG is the parent company of Schüco International. However, the majority of people will know the company from the Fuchs wheel rims used by Porsche. Besides a new office building, a 3000 m2 production site was built in Meinerzhagen (Germany) in 2020. Printable was asked to print and coat its fabric facade.

The company Hillebrandt Stahl- und Behälterbau approached us to print this 1325 m2 facade on Serge Ferrari’s Frontside View 381 mesh, and to coat it with our unique PU coating in order to make the print long-term resistant to weather influences such as UV, wind and rain. Given the historical connection, it was no surprise that Schüco’s FACID 65 facade system was used to install the fabric facade.

The design of the facade is an illustration of Otto Fuchs’ DNA, consisting of a line pattern representing chains of molecules complemented by hints to the materials the company works with; Al for aluminium, Cu for copper, etc.

Thanks to Printable’s unique production process, Otto Fuchs now enjoys a stunning facade with a 10-year warranty on UV resistance, dirt-repellent properties, ink and varnish adhesion and craquelure.

Project Description
Project Otto Fuchs KG
Location D-58540 Meinerzhagen
Substrate Serge Ferrari Frontside View 381
Quantity 1325 m2
Year 2020
Contractor Hillebrandt GmbH