Schüco produces high end solutions for windows, doors and façades around te globe. For their head office in Germany, Printable printed the substrate for the textile façade mounted on their “FACID” façade system. The result is not only an eye catching facelift of their office building, but also a great reference of how the FACID extrusions can be applied.

To promote this system, the highest quality was demanded. Printable delivers unrivalled usp’s on printed and coated substrates.

The building is a beautiful example of the possibilities textile offers for architecture. Besides the character it adds to the building, textile application can offer practical advantages too. The translucent façades can protect from direct sunlight, UV radiation and heat entering the building, without blocking the outside world.

Check the advantages tensile architecture can offer.

Project Description

Project Schüco International KG
Location D-33609 Bielefeld
Substrate Serge Ferrari Frontside View 381
Quantity 180 m2
Year 2018
Contractor Hillebrandt Stahl- und Behälterbau