For Base Structures UK we have produced these unique sunshades for a private residence in the Middle East.

In this production the print design is on the inside of the textile to create a unique experience and carry the interior design from the villa out onto the terraces on the outside. The outside of the textile is left white to reflect the sun and keep the terrace cool.

This terrace canopy was designed for a private villa in Jeddah, the unique feature of this triple cone tensile fabric structure is the printed graphic on the underside. The 2D Arabic graphic had to be distorted with specialist software and overlaid onto the 3D conical form of the membrane. Each PVC coated polyester panel was then printed with a solvent based ink by Printable Industrial Canvas and then assembled in Bristol by Base Structures. Careful detailing of the graphic at the overlapping seams ensured the overall pattern lined through from panel to panel.

The quality of the light diffusing through the printed graphic and colourful geometric border provides a dramatic contribution to this high quality development. Our unrivalled coating makes the shades durable for more than 10 years against the harsh Middle East sun.

Project Description

Project Private Villa Jeddah
Location SA-21577 Jeddah
Substrate Sioen T 3117 T (type III)
Quantity 276m2
Year 2016
Installer Base Structures UK

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