In 2023, this 1970s building in Paris’ Marais district was transformed into a stylish multipurpose building by renowned architect Jacques Moussafir. One of the main eye-catchers is the absolutely unique printed fabric facade system, for which Moussafir Architects collaborated with Dutch company Inside Outside.

The textile facade cladding was designed as an exterior curtain and works as such. A specially developed system was installed over four floors that allows the curtains to open and close individually, folding as curtains would indoors.

Both this custom-made system and the curtains themselves had to withstand the elements. For material selection and the provision of the longlife print, Inside Outside engaged the help of Printable Technical Textiles.
Together, we selected a PVC-coated technical textile from Mehler Texnologies that perfectly matched the requirements in terms of both characteristics for the application and printability.

Architects’ choice. Printed with SolidskinTec

The print blends nicely into the environment; it concerns a 4-story high tree, the Prunus lusitanica, which also grows in the street.

Using our SolidskinTec printing process, we provided the material with this elegant motif and our unlimited 10-year warranty on color retention and dirt-repellent properties, among others … an obvious desire for such prestigious and permanent applications.

Project Description
Year 2023
Project Moussafir Architects – Outdoor Curtain Facade
Location FR-75003 Paris
Substrate Mehler Valmex 7521
Quantity 300m2

Contractor Inside Outside

We are proud to have contributed to several projects of Inside Outside, the company of Petra Blaisse which is internationally known for creating unique eye-catchers in the field of landscaping and interior design. This project they developed in collaboration with Moussafir Architects is one of the many beautiful references in their portfolio.

Photo credits: Hervé Abbadie

Mehler Texnologies® and Printable Technical Textiles join forces for the first sustainable side curtain

Mehler Texnologies and Printable Technical Textiles are proud to announce their collaboration on the first sustainable side curtain, the POLYMAR® 8556 ECO CF. It is crafted with fabric composed of yarns derived from recycled PET bottles and features a coating of recyclates from processed coated textiles. This new tarpaulin delivers on a commitment to innovate the tarpaulin market and develop forward-looking business approaches designed for the circular economy.

Brand owners and transportation companies are increasingly focusing on sustainability to improve their footprint, and using trucks as an effective out-of-home advertising outlet to promote their brands. Mehler Texnologies and Printable Technical Textiles developed a ground-breaking solution designed to meet both requirements.

POLYMAR® 8556 ECO CF with SolidskinTec provides exceptional durability and a vivid print quality. The uniqueness of the material results from a share of up to 50% recycled raw materials, divided into a share of up to 25% recycled raw materials in the coating mass and 100% r-PES yarns. SolidskinTec, applied by Printable Technical Textiles, gives the truck side curtain an unrivalled print quality with a UV protection that guarantees its colour intensity for at least 5 years. Thanks to SolidskinTec’s quality, 50% less truck washing is required compared to other truck tarpaulins.


“For many years we have been advocating that tarpaulins printed with SolidskinTec last longer and are therefore a better option for brand owners and transportation companies, both from a cost as well as an exposure point of view. With the eco panama fabric from Mehler Texnologies, we can now also focus on the actual sustainability impact of a well-printed truck side curtain,” Steven Huisman, Product Sales Manager at Printable Technical Textiles, said.

Hugo Schoute, Sales Manager for Mehler Texnologies added: “This is just the start of a journey, definitely not the end game. By working with partners like Printable Technical Textiles, we are not only able to provide a tarpaulin that has a better environmental footprint, but we are also proposing a printed solution with added value.”

Huckelhoven, Germany / Barneveld, The Netherlands, February 22, 2023