Wir bedrucken und schützen technische Textilien. Die Qualität unserer Solidskin-Drucktechnologie, oder SolidskinTec, besteht schon seit 2008 und ist unübertroffen. Unsere Drucke auf technischen Textilien sehen brillant aus und haben eine außergewöhnlich lange technische Lebensdauer.

Bedruckbare technische Textilien und das SolidskinTec Druckverfahren garantieren langfristige Flexibilität, einen hervorragenden UV-Schutz, dauerhafte Farbechtheit und Farbintensität sowie eine schmutzabweisende Oberfläche. Unsere einzigartige Garantie gilt bis zu 10 Jahre.

Muster und Farbproofs für Ihr Projekt

Kontaktieren Sie uns für genauere Informationen zu unseren Produkten, fordern Sie Mustermaterial an oder finden Sie einen SolidskinTec-Partner in Ihrer Region oder Ihrem Land.

Bewährt in der Praxis

Große europäische Hersteller von Aufliegern und auch Speditionsfirmen nutzen seit über einem Jahrzehnt die Drucke von Printable auf technischen Textilien, die mit dem SolidskinTec-Druckverfahren erstellt werden. Unsere Kunden wissen aus Erfahrung, dass keine anderen bedruckten technischen Textilien alle Anforderungen an Haltbarkeit, Qualität und Erscheinungsbild erfüllen. Das SolidskinTec-Druckverfahren ist führend in diesem Sektor.

Auch andere Sektoren haben die Möglichkeiten erkannt, die unsere bedruckten technischen Textilien bieten. Denken Sie an den Bausektor (Textile Fassaden, Bogenträger, Markisen und Sonnenschutz), Freizeit und Events (vom Festzelt bis zum Trampolinpark und vom Boxsack bis zum Airtrampolin).

Die positiven Erfahrungen unserer Kunden weltweit bestätigen immer wieder, dass mit dem SolidskinTec-Druckverfahren bedruckte technische Textilien längere Zeit dauerhaftig und haltbar bleiben.

Moussafir Architecten & Inside Outside. Eine besondere Fassadenverkleidung

2023 wurde dieses Gebäude aus den 1970-er Jahren im Pariser Stadtteil Marais vom renommierten Architekten Jacques Moussafir in ein stilvolles Multifunktionsgebäude verwandelt. Einer der Hauptblickfänge ist das absolut einzigartige, bedruckte Textilfassadensystem, für das Moussafir Architects mit dem niederländischen Unternehmen Inside Outside zusammengearbeitet hat.

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Award winning facade artwork for Puma Headquarters

We are delighted to announce that our project has received a Silver Award in the Roll-to-roll Printed Textiles category at the FESPA Global Print Expo. This unique 2,000 m2 facade artwork, ‘The Conversation,’ was created for Puma Headquarters in Somerville, near Boston, USA. Printable Technical Textiles printed the facade textile with their SolidskinTec printing process.

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Printable received DEKRA certification ISO 9001

At Printable Technical Textiles we strive for top quality, both of our products and of our relationship with customers and suppliers. We are therefore pleased to announce that this ambition has recently been expressed in certification according to ISO 9001.

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SolidskinTec hits the rail...again

With rail transportation rapidly gaining popularity as a sustainable alternative to road transportation, the demand for (technically) durable rail vehicles is also growing. So too, are these so-called "Shimmns" for steel coil transport.

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The first sustainable side curtain

Mehler Texnologies® and Printable Technical Textiles join forces for the first sustainable side curtain.

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Deichmann Flagship Store facade

In 2018, Koch Membranen was challenged by the Deichmann Group to create a new fabric facade consisting of as many as five shades of green from the shoe chain’s corporate identity. It was a logical wish from the architect but a difficult task for the installer. After all, the specified technical textile from Serge Ferrari (Frontside View 381 mesh) was not standardly available in these shades of green. The required quantity of each color did not come close to the required minimum for custom production.

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Centre International de Tennis

Printable Technical Textiles was asked by its French partner ACS Production to apply a durable print to the fabric for the front and side walls of the hall, which gives it a unique look with a print that is guaranteed to last at least 10 years!

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Rooftop bar canopy Novotel Miami

In the heart of Brickell, one of Downtown Miami’s most popular neighborhoods, you will find the Novotel Miami Brickell. In early 2021 this hotel was completely renovated, and the rooftop deck with swimming pool, lounge, and pool bar got a stunning new look. Printable Technical Textiles was asked to print the fabric for the sunshade roofing of the rooftop bar with its renowned SolidskinTec printing process.

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Brasserie Goudale and TSA Transports choose curtainsiders printed with SolidskinTec

Brasserie Goudale (Arques, France) distributes its beer brands with TSA Transports in Calais. Over the past years, both brewer and transporter agreed that they would change their side-curtains to the high-quality standard that our SolidskinTec printing process provides, improving their marketing appearance and durability on the road.

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Main Grandstand F1 Circuit Zandvoort

Dutch Circuit Zandvoort underwent a large-scale upgrade in preparation for the return of Formula 1 to the Netherlands. The entire circuit was redesigned to be ready for the future. An important eye-catcher was the renovation of the main grandstand, including a brand new fabric roof.

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Picnic delivery vans with SolidskinTec printed side curtains

With a fleet of over 1000 electric vehicles, the successful online supermarket Picnic won the hearts and minds of the Dutch consumer. The eye-catching electric vans with printed sidecurtains with SolidskinTec, address a fundamental flaw in online grocery shopping and delivery; its impact on carbon emissions. We’re happy and proud they chose our printed side curtains with SolidskinTec.

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Zipscreens Maastricht University NL

Maastricht University commissioned the renowned and award winning photographer Robin de Puy to create an artwork for these screens. The images used for the sunscreens show humanity in different settings. Each printed zipscreen has its own photo and obviously, these beautiful photos deserved a print quality to the highest standards. The artwork is called “Screening Diversity”.

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Test for different curtainsiders of Zandbergen and Ambrosius

Since the introduction of the new corporate identities of Zandbergen and Ambrosius in 2015, about two hundred trucks have been equipped with Solidskin side curtains. A conscious choice: besides SolidskinTec printed curtainsiders, other types of printed truck side curtains have been on the road to test their quality and sustainability. According to Erik Zandbergen, director and fleetmanager, Solidskin offers an unrivaled quality.

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Nitrogen oxide absorbing facade

Printable Technical Textiles was involved in the world’s first Nitrogen Oxide absorbing facade (NOx), installed in Hamburg, Germany. This innovation truly fits our passion for printed technical textiles for long-term use.

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Clarijs reCYCLEbags printed with SolidskinTec

Not only trucks use our SolidskinTec printing process to preserve appearance during transportation. Also, Clarijs uses our printed and coated canvas for their (cycle)bags and bakfiets covers. Like trucks, these bags are subject to excessive use and weather conditions and need to withstand the test of time. Printable delivers custom printed and printed series productions with outstanding quality. Clarijs also creates bags from our leftover materials to create a more sustainable bag with a surprisingly funny result.

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SolidskinTec on the rail

The exposure of materials on trains requires extreme robustness. Besides the challenging conditions the textiles are exposed to, such as rain, wind, and UV-radiation, they must also withstand the copper deposit created by the grinding of the current train collector against the overhead contact line. Very aggressive cleaning methods are needed to remove this deposit from the materials. Our printing technology is dirt resistant and does not break in this challenging cleaning regime.

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Tensile roof open air theater

Visitors of the Brunssum Open Air Theater, in the south of the Netherlands, enjoy the brand new Tensile roof of the theater, which was installed by APR Projects on behalf of Poly-Ned. Local architect Ivo Rosbeek designed the structure, where integration with the environment was essential.

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Roofer tough furniture

Roofer makes tough furniture: furniture that can stand rough handling and is suitable for intensive use. Because their furniture is sturdy and easy to keep clean, it is often applied in public areas.

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Tomorrowland festival tents

Printable Technical Textiles was selected to deliver the printed canvas for Tomorrowland's giant main entrance area. Printed on both the outside and the inside, these massive, impressive tents create the first promise in this magical world. Besides the well-known high print quality, Printable offers services and high personal involvement in the preparation phase.

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Custom printed punching bags

These custom made Atila punching bags are becoming the fashion. Again the versatility of our uniquely coated textiles is proving its value. Sustaining thousands of hits, these bags don't break a sweat and stay in perfect condition. The custom made print will not be damaged.

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