With rail transportation rapidly gaining popularity as a sustainable alternative to road transportation, the demand for (technically) durable rail vehicles is also growing.

So too, are the light-weight wagons for steel coil transport.

Why choose the SolidskinTec printing process?

By applying our SolidskinTec printing process to the technical textile used for these wagons, not only unique eye-catchers on the track can been created, but the material (and the print!) can also withstand the heavy mechanical stresses typical for this application.

After all, the coated prints are flexible, colorfast for years, and dirt-repellent. Another major plus of our SolidskinTec printing process, is the fact that graffiti can be easily removed…something that is, unfortunately, a common concern with rail transportation.

Railrelease light-weight Shimmns

We recently had the honour to print a new fleet of over 150 Inveho coil transport wagons, type Shimmns, for the renowned wagon leasing company Railrelease. The guaranteed appearance and endurance of our SolidskinTec printing process were a perfect match with their demands, and resulted in a beautiful new fleet in their impressive portfolio.