ELI Play is an in-house supplier and manufacturer of surprising and versatile indoor playgrounds, like trampoline parks and sports courses. The company creates play equipment of the highest quality and reliability, like soft play areas, trampoline parks, and sports courses that offer timeless joy for children and adults.

Printable Technical Textiles contributes to this quality by supplying printed and protected technical textiles for their softplay components. The printed designs are of great importance to the experience of the playground. The unique polyurethane fusion process is an easily overlooked benefit of our printing process. In this process, our SolidskinTec adds dirt-repellent and UV-resistant properties to the technical textile, significantly improving appearance, flexibility, and wear resistance. It not only protects the appearance of the design that is rubbed against by thousands of bodies and shoes every year, but it also keeps it hygienic. Our polyurethane protection refuses the adherence of fluids and bacteria and keeps it at the surface. The dirt is easily cleaned off and does not enter the fabric and underlying structures, nor will it be damaged by the (light) chemicals used in cleaning the fabrics. This not only makes ELI Play playgrounds fun, but it also makes them safer and hygienic!

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indoor play
Indoor Play

Jeux d'extérieur et d'eau

Printable Technical Textiles fournit aux fabricants du monde entier des textiles techniques imprimés pour leurs projets de loisirs en plein air. Des applications (sub)aquatiques où la bâche doit résister au chlore, aux volcans d'escalade et aux trampolines gonflables, la durabilité mécanique de nos impressions SolidskinTec se prête parfaitement à ces applications.

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Centre International de Tennis

Printable Technical Textiles was asked by its French partner ACS Production to apply a durable print to the fabric for the front and side walls of the hall, which gives it a unique look with a print that is guaranteed to last at least 10 years!

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Main Grandstand F1 Circuit Zandvoort

Dutch Circuit Zandvoort underwent a large-scale upgrade in preparation for the return of Formula 1 to the Netherlands. The entire circuit was redesigned to be ready for the future. An important eye-catcher was the renovation of the main grandstand, including a brand new fabric roof.

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Clarijs reCYCLEbags printed with SolidskinTec

Not only trucks use our SolidskinTec printing process to preserve appearance during transportation. Also, Clarijs uses our printed and coated canvas for their (cycle)bags and bakfiets covers. Like trucks, these bags are subject to excessive use and weather conditions and need to withstand the test of time. Printable delivers custom printed and printed series productions with outstanding quality. Clarijs also creates bags from our leftover materials to create a more sustainable bag with a surprisingly funny result.

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Roofer tough furniture

Roofer makes tough furniture: furniture that can stand rough handling and is suitable for intensive use. Because their furniture is sturdy and easy to keep clean, it is often applied in public areas.

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Tomorrowland festival tents

Printable Technical Textiles was selected to deliver the printed canvas for Tomorrowland's giant main entrance area. Printed on both the outside and the inside, these massive, impressive tents create the first promise in this magical world. Besides the well-known high print quality, Printable offers services and high personal involvement in the preparation phase.

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Custom printed punching bags

These custom made Atila punching bags are becoming the fashion. Again the versatility of our uniquely coated textiles is proving its value. Sustaining thousands of hits, these bags don't break a sweat and stay in perfect condition. The custom made print will not be damaged.

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Curtains for Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Restaurant Schillings

What can printed textile bring to interior architecture? Get inspired by the out-of-the-box thinking of the designers at Inside Outside. This interior design agency, owned by Petra Blaisse, is famous for their creative use of materials in interior design. Their preferred material to work with is soft and pliable to create movement and ever-changing effects. For the brand new build Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf, they created these beautiful custom curtains in the theatre's Restaurant Schillings.

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Printed event tents

Festivals, food-fests, glampings and campings, we can't get enough of it. And they all share the same roof... tents. Printed event tents are hot! Be it a gigantic tent for a festival audience or a private textile roof for two. Printable delivers on-demand printed tent technical textiles.

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Strandstoel XXL (Beach chair XXL)

These giant beach chairs are a real eye-cacher and a load of fun! The beach chairs of (the original) Strandstoel XXL are used for promotion at festivals and events. The giant billboards offer great photo opportunities for brands and instant succes by promotion on social networks.

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These giant interactive billboards are customised to fit the brand. Printable printed these robust covers for BigAirBag. Both companies share their pride on the high definition digital print, the use of innovate materials and durability of appearance. With over a 1000 installations worldwide in the past 10 years, the unrivalled quality and durability on these product has been proved.

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