Not only trucks use our SolidskinTec print solution to preserve appearance during transportation.

Also, Clarijs uses our SolidskinTec printing process for their (cycle)bags and bakfiets covers. Like trucks, these bags are subject to excessive use and weather conditions and must withstand the test of time. Printable technical textiles deliver their custom printed and printed series productions with outstanding quality. Clarijs also creates bags from our leftover materials to create a more sustainable bag with a surprisingly funny result.

About Clarijs.

Although initially a saddlery company founded by the brothers Clarijs in 1948. The company started to focus more on processing sail canvas and related products. The company evolved and has passed on to the sons and grandchildren and has grown into production work of (cycle)bags and bakfiets covers in recent years. Clarijs products are sold in more than 12 countries, including the USA and Canada. Please visit their website if you want to know about Clarijs or order one of these indestructible bags.