Textiele gevelbekleding beprint met ons SolidskinTec printproces is een ideale duurzame geveloplossing. Ons proces voegt beschermende eigenschappen toe aan het textiel, zodat een geprinte gevel er jarenlang fantastisch uitziet.

Wij werken samen met ’s werelds beste fabrikanten van technisch textiel, zoals de Serge Ferrari, Mehler Texnologies, Sattler, Sioen Industries, en Heytex. Samen hebben we een breed gamma aan mesh en vaste membranen geselecteerd en ontwikkeld, die allen geschikt zijn voor ons SolidskinTec printproces.

Dit technisch textiel voldoet aan de eisen van de industrie op het gebied van (trek)sterkte en vlamvertraging. Dankzij onze ongeëvenaarde garantie kunnen wij bedrukt technisch textiel aanbieden voor permanente geveltoepassingen.

Een unieke 10- jarige garantie op uitstraling en duurzaamheid

Het SolidskinTec printproces wat wij gebruiken voor geveltextiel, is ontwikkeld na meer dan 15 jaar onderzoek en ontwikkeling. Het Nederlandse COT-instituut (TÜV) heeft onze bedrukte substraten grondig getest. Printable Technical Textiles is de enige oplossing in de markt die 10 jaar garantie biedt op UV-bestendigheid, vuilafstotendheid, hechting en scheurvorming van inkt en vernis.

Benefits of printed textile facades

Compared to other facade solutions, textile facades or building wraps offer a unique appearance for a surprisingly low investment. Lightweight understructures, dynamic forms, graphical designs, and lighting effects are a few advantages. Moreover, textiles allow for tremendous energy savings for buildings and the environment. Printed textile offers unlimited creative freedom whether you are looking for a single color, a repeating pattern, or a branded image for your facade.

• Any color (system) can be printed
• No minimum order quantity
• Fast delivery
• Competitive prices
• Wide choice of high-quality PVC coated polyester textiles

printed facade

Unrivaled image quality

We print technical textiles with top-of-the-line printers and maintain the highest print standards. Our SolidskinTec printing process intensifies colors and protects the print by closing its surface and preventing crack initiation. SolidskinTec makes the surface dirt-repellent and resistant to cleaning. This contributes to the long-term preservation of the print and the technical textile.

Textile architecture

Wide choice of technical textiles

Our SolidskinTec printing process can be applied to a wide range of solid and open mesh PES/PVC fabrics from renowned technical textile manufacturers. The open mesh fabrics are ideal for facades, building wraps, and other architectural applications. We collaborate with our partners to select PES-PVC textiles that are prepared for our demands. This preparation ensures an even embedding and adhesion of inks with our polyurethane varnish.

sustainable facades

Any color for your textile facades

PES/PVC textiles come in a limited range of standard colors. Although manufacturers can produce custom colors, the minimum order quantity is significant, and production takes a long time. These factors have restricted the creation of textile facades in the past.

Printable Technical Textiles offers an answer for textile facades that are needed in custom solid colors. Our on-demand printing technique enables us to match any desired color, e.g., RAL colors, quickly produced and for any quantity without restrictions. A significant benefit of printing the technical textile compared to a textile produced in color is that our SolidskinTec printing process extends the lifespan of the textile making it more durable than the ‘original’ one!

Sample requests and color proofing for your textile facades

 Call us at +31342405125 or mail us at info@printable.eu. As part of our range of services, Printable is happy to provide samples for your production or sample room. Our experts are happy to share their passion and extensive knowledge about the use of printed technical textiles with you.