Since the introduction of the new corporate identities of Zandbergen and Ambrosius in 2015, about two hundred trucks have been equipped with SolidskinTec printed side curtains. A conscious choice: besides curtainsiders printed with SolidskinTec, other printed curtainsiders printed with SolidskinTec have been on the road to test their quality and sustainability.

According to Erik Zandbergen, director and fleet manager, the curtainsiders printed with SolidskinTec offers an unrivaled quality. “We have tested various suppliers of printed curtainsiders in the field. We noticed a considerable difference in quality between the different producers. The unique coating of tarpaulins printed with SolidskinTec passed all tests with flying colors, resulting in a substantial reduction of the cleaning frequency.”

The differences were also visible. Zandbergen and Ambrosius are proud of their identities and want their trailers to look equally beautiful and professional, even after years on the road. “The colors on Solidskin curtainsiders do not fade. Red stays bright and powerful, and the typical dark grey color in Zandbergen’s identity is the same in different productions.” After these extensive field tests,  Zandbergen and Ambrosius made their choice for curtainsiders printed with SolidskinTec. In the time to come, all trailers that are still equipped with other curtainsiders will be replaced.

Printed truck side curtains with SolidskinTec

Over 4000 new sets of  SolidskinTec printed truck sidecurtains hit the road yearly. Almost all major trailer en tarpaulin manufacturers use our printing process for their premium-grade printed sidecurtains. Many major logistic companies know from experience that no other printed truck-side curtains meet their requirements in terms of durability, wear resistance, and quality of appearance. They know from experience that no other printed side curtain meets their needs regarding durability, resistance to wear and tear, and appearance.

Printable solidskin schuifzeilen
Printed side curtains for trailers