The central railway station of the city of Almere is one of the region’s main hubs. It will become even more critical in the coming years, as Almere grows and the regional public transport will be extended.

ProRail is the Dutch task organization responsible for maintaining and extending the national railway network infrastructure. They decided the current outdated station (completed in 1987) needed an upgrade to match its character with the region’s growing importance. Moreover, in 2022 the famous Dutch flower exposition “Floriade » will be hosted in Almere, and of course, the first impression of arriving visitors in Almere should be a good one.

The first renovation initiative was taken in January 2018; ProRail contracted Buitink Technology to replace a significant part of the hood with printed textiles. This also offered an excellent opportunity to add ambiance and design to the new building, which will be renovated step by step, becoming the greenest station in the Netherlands at its completion.

Printable Technical Textiles was asked by Buitink Technology to produce the printed textiles for this project.

Project Description
Project ProRail – Station Almere Centrum
Location NL-1315 KE Almere
Substrate Serge Ferrari Frontside Print 371
Quantity 950 m2
Year 2019
Contractor Buitink Technology

Tensile structures
Tensile structures
Textile facade