With a fleet of over 50 trailers, FLO Palettes – Groupement FLO chose to print their curtainsiders with SolidskinTec. For many years, these trucks have been a well-known sight in France.

They have been tried and tested on the road under extreme weather conditions. They are faced with polluted environments. They can withstand countries with intense UV radiation, and they can handle heavy mechanical stress. We repeatedly prove that your side curtain printed with our SolidskinTec stay beautiful well beyond our warranty. Traditional printed truck side curtains look faded and start to show permanent staining after a short while on the road. They become too dirty to be cleaned thoroughly after a short period. A SolidksinTec printed side curtain has a 5-year warranty on color intensity, adhesion of inks and coating, flex-resistance, and the dirt-repellent surface.

50% Reduced cleaning and maintenance

The unique SolidskinTec printing process adds a dirt-repellent effect to the technical textile. In addition to the reduction in cleaning costs, the cleaning process is more environmentally friendly since aggressive and expensive cleaning agents are no longer required. As a result, your printed truck side curtains can be easily cleaned using only water or rain. And because dirt, moisture, and mold particles cannot adhere to the technical textile, the textile remains flexible and the printed truck side curtains will remain easy to handle over time.