We are delighted to announce that our project has received a Silver Award in the Roll-to-roll Printed Textiles category at the FESPA Global Print Expo held in Munich. The FESPA awards received 210 entries from across the world. Our project was among the 115 entries that were shortlisted by the panel of expert judges.

The unique 2,000 m2 facade artwork ‘The Conversation’ has ascended in the trendy neighborhood of Assembly Row in Somerville, near Boston, USA. Commissioned by Design Communications Ltd, Printable Technical Textiles printed the facade textile with their SolidskinTec printing process on Serge Ferrari’s Frontside View 381 mesh fabric.

What’s phenomenal about this textile facade – and at the same time a public art project – is that three silhouette-shaped LED screens in the facade display digital art by local artists. Puma North Americas HQ is the proud occupant of the property.

This contract was awarded to Printable Technical Textiles by Design Communications Ltd following a successful collaboration for the Project ‘Partners Healthcare Parking Garage‘ in Assembly Row. Everyone is delighted with how the printed substrate for the facade has retained its color and appearance under extreme weather conditions. The endless creative possibilities of a printed sustainable facade cladding are expressed symbiotically in ‘The Conversation.’

Architects’ choice. Printed with SolidskinTec

Architects are applying printed textile facades architecture because it is an innovative solution and offers exciting possibilities. Architects can emphasize their signature and unique design, easily connect with the surroundings or create surprising effects to make an impact and generate stopping power. Textile facades offer low costs and quick implementation. SolidskinTec proves to be the only solution for printed technical textiles that must remain durable in public areas. Your technical textile printed with SolidskinTec is guaranteed to stay beautiful during its extended lifetime.

Project Description
Year 2021
Project Assembly Row – HQ Puma North America
Location USA-02145 Somerville MA
Substrate Serge Ferrari Frontside View 381
Quantity 2000 m2
Contractor Design Communications Ltd

Why are facade textiles printed with SolidskinTec unique?

  • 10 years guarantee on color retention
  • 10 years guarantee on dirt repellence
  • 10 years guarantee on adhesion of ink and varnish
  • 10 years guarantee on crack initiation of inks