Since the introduction of the new corporate identities of Zandbergen and Ambrosius in 2015, about two hundred trucks have been equipped with Solidskin side curtains. A conscious choice: besides Solidskin curtainsiders, other brands trailer curtains have been on the road to test their quality and sustainability.

According to Erik Zandbergen, director and fleetmanager, Solidskin offers an unrivalled quality. “We have tested various suppliers of curtainsiders in the field. We noticed a considerable difference in quality between the different producers. The unique coating of Printable Solidskin taurpulins passed the tests with flying colours, and, at the same time, resulted in a substantial reduction of the cleaning frequency.”

The differences were also visible. Zandbergen and Ambrosius are proud of their identities and want their trailers to look equally beautiful and professional, even after years on the road. “The colours on Solidskin curtainsiders do not fade. Red stays bright and powerful and the typical dark grey colour in Zandbergen’s identity is exactly the same, also in different productions.”

After this extensive testing in the field,  Zandbergen and Ambrosius made their choice for Solidskin side curtains. In the time to come, all trailers that are still equipped with other curtainsiders will be replaced by Solidskin.