Stunning tensile roofing structures and fabric shades

Architects and builders are becoming increasingly creative with their customised designs for stunning tensile roofing structures and fabric shades. Beautiful and unique, these impressive solutions are surprisingly easy to realise. They give venues the opportunity to provide guests and users with a unique experience. No longer simple monotone sunshades or awnings for hot climates, tensile structures offer a fabulous, colourful creation for use in limitless settings.

The design on the inside can be used creatively to enhance the visitor experience. While the outside can be kept white, to reflect the sunlight and regulate the temperature underneath. The benefits are clear: The fabrics can be printed in any design or colour, ensuring each one is a unique creation.

Wide range of material options

We offer a large selection of different solutions (and weights) for outdoor textile for tensile shades and roofs. We supply closed and open-weave canvasses to meet your specific requirements and can advise you on the most suitable solution for your project.

Our membrane substrates achieve the best hard-wearing resistance combined with freedom of choice in design and ideas. Whether you are looking for a single colour, a repeating pattern or a branded image, we produce your design and meet your requirements.

10 Year warranty on appearance

Printable works with a range of renowned, high-quality technical textiles that are printed on demand. Our unique coating and printing process deliver unrivalled protection against discolouring and degradation of quality.

Our products have been thoroughly tested by the COT and TÜV institute. Thanks to our innovative coating technique, our substrates are flex resistant and able to resist mechanical stress and extreme weather conditions. The Printable substrates are the only product in this market offering a warranty on UV-resistance, mould, dirt-repellence, flex resistance against tearing and overall appearance.

Our facade canvas can be printed on both sides, allowing the creation of internal as well as external decorative elements, or to enhance the view to the outside.


In our production process, we change the textile into an entirely new product with an apolar closed surface, achieving a lotus-effect. The resulting dirt-repellent surface and the apolar characteristics give the canvas impressive self-cleaning properties. The canvas will clean itself through rainfall or can easily be cleaned without the use of aggressive detergents.

Roofing grandstand circuit Zandvoort

By using printed fabrics, Poly-Ned not only offered an aesthetically beautiful renovation solution, they also created eye-catching advertising space for the sponsors of Circuit Zandvoort. The underside of the roof is completely fitted with a printed and coated technical textile, produced by Printable. Since the circuit is situated close to the sea, the print will be exposed to salt, sand and sun. Our unique coating will protect the textile for years against a quick degrade of appearance and the adherence of salt crystals on the textile.

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Almere Centrum Railway Station

The central railway station of the city of Almere is one of the main hubs of the region. It will become even more important in the coming years, as Almere is growing and the regional public transport will be extended. ProRail contracted Buitink Technology to replace a great part of the hood by printed textile. Printable was asked by Buitink Technology to produce the printed textiles for this project.

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Printed tent fabrics on demand

Festivals, food-fests, glampings and campings, we can't get enough of it. And they all share the same roof... tents. Tents are hot! Be it a gigantic tent for a festival audience or a private textile roof for two. Printable delivers printed on demand tent fabrics.

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Cartoon Festival Knokke-Heist

This beachside event tent in Knokke-Heist (Belgium) hosts the annual Cartoon Festival. The tent is printed by Printable. This tent not a typical example of our durability, since it will be used for only two months. Although... did you know that a lot of these materials are being recycled into other products that do benefit from our durable lifecycle for our printed textiles? A good example are the Clarijs ReCycle bags, but also outdoor furniture makes use of recycled prints. So who knows? ... you might find parts of this tent cycling around Knokke-Heist for years to come!

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Private Villa Jeddah

For Base Structures UK we have produced these unique sunshades for a private residence in the Middle East. In this production the print design is on the inside of the textile to create a unique experience and carry the interior design from the villa out onto the terraces on the outside. The outside of the textile is left white to reflect the sun and keep the terrace cool.

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Casino Pleinair

A surprising application of our robust textile substrates: the Casino Pleinair in La Ciotat near Marseille. This outdoor casino has amusing roofs that look like casino tokens. The roofs are printed on a closed substrate and coated. Our unique coating is able to resist the Southern France UV radiance without discolouring for more than 10 years.

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Swimming pool Binnenzee

For swimming pool 'Binnenzee' in Noordwijk (Netherlands) our technical printed textures offer an aesthetical and practical solution. Besides the aesthetical purpose, the textile also reduces the noise for visitors that make use of the interior pools.

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High UV-resistance

Our canvas has been created to enable clients to add design, colour or an image to architecture. This is why we developed a coating that is able to resist long-term bleaching through UV-rays. Tested thoroughly and proven in the field, our fabrics keep their appearance and colour intensity for over 10 year. Guaranteed!


Our 8-colour VUTEK printers are at the top of the print industry. Their extensive colour range is able to match any colour standard. Our coating is developed for these inks and varnishes and protect the print. This intensifies colours and deepens the blacks, generating strong and vivid images.

Sample requests and colour proofing

As part of our range of services, Printable is happy to provide colour samples for your production or sample room. Our printing production systems can match any colour system by creating an exact formula for your desired project on a fully coated and finished canvas sample.

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