Over 4000 new sets of Solidskin side curtains hit the road every year. It’s the unrivalled quality and lifespan that make Solidskin curtainsiders the best choice in the market.

Our unlimited 5 year warranty  covers the preservation of color intensity, adherence of the coating, flex-resistance and the dirt-repellent surface of the Solidskin side curtains.

Transporters around the world benefit from the high quality of Solidskin. They know from experience that no other printed side curtain meets their needs regarding durability, resistance to wear and tear and appearance.

In Solidskin’s special production process, the focus is on optimal image quality over the long term. This, combined with our ability to match any color and the long term preservation of appearance, are the reasons for some of Europe’s strongest brands to have chosen for Solidskin curtainsiders.

Unrivalled image quality

Solidskin’s characteristic PU-coating intensifies colors and protects your side curtains with a high gloss finish. The coating controls the adhesion of the inks, makes the surface dirt-repellent and resistant to cleaning and mechanical stress. This all contributes to a long term preservation of the print.

Looking good, guaranteed!

Traditional side curtains tend to look faded and start to show permanent staining after a short while on the road. They soon become too dirty to be cleaned fully. Solidskin tarpaulin comes with a 5 year warranty on color intensity, adhesion of inks and coating, flex-resistance and the dirt repellent surface.

Contour markings that stick around

Our side curtains come with Orafol Oralite R1331 Reflective Marking Tape, a technology that was developed for our Solidskin Curtainsiders to have a maximum adherence. They are CE compliant and have outstanding long distance nighttime visibility.

Same investment, better appearance.

Bearing in mind a Solidskin side curtain lasts 5 times longer than a standard one, the investment in Solidskin is the same, but the result in terms of perseverance of quality is very different!

50% Reduced cleaning and maintenance

The unique Solidskin coating has a dirt-repellent effect that is resistant to both cleaning and mechanical stress. In addition to the reduction in cleaning costs of curtain trailers, the cleaning process itself is more environmentally friendly, since aggressive and expensive cleaning agents are no longer required.

5-year warranty on appearance

Solidskin side curtains come with a 5-year warranty, which applies to the retention of color intensity, adherence of the coating, flex-resistance and the dirt-repellent effect of the side curtains.

The proof of the longer lifespan of Solidskin curtains can be found on the road! Some trucks have been driving for over 10 years with a Solidskin side curtain and still have a brilliant appearance.

But don’t just take our word for it: Solidskin has also been independently tested by TÜV-TNO and COT, based on the actual real-life conditions, and our products are ISO 105-A02 / ISO 11507 certified.

European representation, in your language

Looking for a Solidskin tarpaulin producer?

Leading truck-curtain manufacturers throughout Europe choose Solidskin quality. Printable is represented in over 10 countries in Europe by more than 30 curtain-manufacturers.