When developing our production process, the focus lay on creating an optimum image quality and the persevering colour intensity. In addition to our coating, many of our systems have been developed to create and maintain the highest graphical standards, achieving the best hard-wearing resistance, combined with freedom of choice in design and ideas.

Print standards

Our printers are at the top of the large-format print industry. In traditional large-format prints, the resolution often leaves a lot to be desired, and you quickly see ‘striping’ or creasing with gradients. Our experienced machine operators avoid this effect by using low printing speeds on high-quality printers that can reproduce up to 360 dpi.

Match any colour system 

Printable has a specially developed colour management system for our unique production process. Our 8-colour VUTEK printers, with its extensive colour range is able to match any colour standard, including Pantone systems, car lacquers and RAL systems. This enables us to create and match an exact formula for your project.

Reproduction consistency

Our production and colour management systems keep records of every production run and ensure continuous control of the lacquer formula. This creates a consistent process that helps guarantee the uniform quality of your canvas, even for production runs over different years.

Our lacquer appearance

Our transparent coating has a high-gloss effect. This intensifies the colour and deepens the blacks, generating strong and vivid images. Our printing process adjusts the colour system, taking the effects of the coating into account, ensuring the colours match the required outcome.

Sample requests and colour proofing

As part of our range of services, Printable is happy to provide colour samples for your production or sample room. Our printing production systems can match any colour system by creating an exact formula for your desired project on a fully coated and finished canvas sample.

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