The selection of the right, pre-treated, fabric is of vital importance for our production process. That’s why we work closely with the world’s best technical textile manufacturers, such as Serge Ferrari, Mehler Texnologies, Sattler, Sioen and Heytex.

Each textile has been thoroughly tested, based on the actual real-life conditions and compared to equivalents. This is how we safeguard the long-term suitability of our products for each application and offer unique warranties.

Sample requests and color proofing

Printable is happy to provide color samples for your project. Our printing production systems can match any color by creating an exact formula on a fully coated and finished canvas sample. Would you like advice on material selection or a sample textile membrane?

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To understand our product, it is important to understand that in our production process, we change the textile into an entirely new product.

Most of our selected membranes are low wick, anti-bacteria treated and flame retardant. Through their production and our coating process these fabrics are highly resistant to the effects of weather (wind, hail, UV). Our products used in architecture are guaranteed for 10 years and our products in transportation are guaranteed for 5 years. For both markets these are unrivalled warranties for their markets that are proven in real live.

This is due to the chemical processes involved between textile, our inks and coating. This process will change the characteristics of the textile and enables us to give our unrivalled warranty. All our fabrics are carefully selected and extensively tested on our fusion process and visual appearance.

Our unlimited warranty applies to:

  • The dirt-repellent properties
  • The retention of colour intensity
  • The adhesion of inks and coating (no degradation)
  • The flexibility  of fabric

Our open mesh substrates

To resolve the challenge of embedding open-structure fabrics, We have worked together with our partners to select PES-PVC textiles that are strong (FT381 (565gr) and T2302FE (700gr)) and prepared to our demands. This ensures an even and constant embedding over the entire material and enables us to safeguard adhesion of inks and varnishes.

Our solid substrates

At Printable we use our extensive experience in the market to constantly improve the outcome of our printed and varnished canvas. For each application we have different high grade PES-PVC textiles (type 1,2,3,4,5) that qualify to meet our standards and are tested with our unique production process.


When exposed to UV rays, water-based coatings turn yellow as the lacquer dries out. This makes the surface brittle, allowing it to detach, exposing the ink and canvas to dirt, moist and mold. Our PU-coating does not turn yellow and, since our coating fuses with ink and textile, we create a strongly adhesive effect, which does not detach and which continues to retain its flexibility.

Resistance against chemicals.

During maintenance, coatings can become damaged by cleaning chemicals that break the structure of the protective layer. Our PU-coating does not react to any substances. Because of the structure of our coating, the resulting lotus effect repels dirt and chemicals off the surface, making it easy to wash dirt with just water and rain. This dirt-repellent surface also reduces cleaning frequency and the need for harsh chemicals.