Printable is continuously putting effort in developing new printing technologies. One of our latest additions is one that will definitely appeal to the real creatives!

It’s a highly reflective coating that can be applied on any area of your print, creating a unique effect. Whether you want to highlight certain parts of your design, create reflection, dept, or a metallic effect…this coating allows you to let your design stand out!

The effect and benefits:
– Highly reflective
– Metallic finish for your design
– Gives brilliance to images
– Can be locally applied in your design (spot)

3D feeling when combined with proper design Some inspiration:
– Make highly reflective signage and branding that will lit up when hit by a spotlight.
– Create exclusive effects with a metallic look on billboards
– Let your festival tent stand out with reflective elements

Do you have a creative project in mind? Challenge us!

Play movie to see the effect.

Print in shadow (left) and Print with spot Retro reflective inkt hit by light (right).

Detail showing the metallic particles.

3D effect when combined with suiting design.


High grade tenting and roofing with reflective/metallic exclusive patterns

More depth and gloss on images

Retro reflective signage or branding

The biggest ‘bon-bon’ package ever