It is not often that side-curtain technology is used on reefer trucks. However since the introduction of the Traxx™ system in 2006 we see an increasing demand for our printed products for this type of trailers. The Traxx™ is a framing system for ‘hard trailer bodies’ that makes changing graphics quick and easy by using a banner system. It is cost effective, using the minimum of down time for the vehicle changing graphics in minutes.

A good application example are the 280 trailers of the Carrefour fleet operated by the Jost Group. For this fleet we have printed the banners on a Frontlit material to be used in the system.

The applied banners were only meant to be used for two years

Initially our printing and coating technique was selected for its printed quality and the communication message would change frequently to keep the fleet looking ‘fresh’. After 8 years the trailers are still driving around and looking fresh thanks to our printing and coating technique. This is again proving that the appearance of our logistical printed canvasses will look just as good after 10 years as they did on day one.

Clear benefits for brand owner and transporter

Our production technique does not only benefit Carrefour by protecting its brand image, but also benefits the Jost Group because our coating will reduce cleaning frequency of their fleet through the dirt-repellant characteristics of the canvas.

Project Description

Project owner Carrefour
Transporter Jost Group
Contractor S.A. Schreiber
Quantity 15.000 m2
Year 2011

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