Located in Cap d’Agde (France), you will find the “Centre International de Tennis” (CIT). It is one of the finest tennis facilities in Europe and hosts the world’s largest annual amateur tournament, the National Tennis Cup. Our French partner ACS Production equipped the new hall with fabric facades, which we printed with our unique SolidskinTec printing process. In late 2021 a new 6000m2 hall was completed with 7 tennis courts and 4 padel courts.

Printable Technical Textiles was asked by its French partner ACS Production to apply a durable print to the fabric for the front and side walls of the hall, which gives it a unique look with a print that is guaranteed to last at least 10 years! The front facade was printed on Frontside View 381 mesh by Serge Ferrari. The long side facade was printed on Flexlight Perform 702 s2 Opaque membrane, also from Serge Ferrari.

The CIT in Cap d’Agde was founded by the famous French tennis player Pierre Barthès, who was in the world’s top 10 rankings in the 70s. The expansion of the hall will enable the town to host the various tennis and padel clubs that use the site throughout the year.

Project Description
Project Centre International de Tennis
Location FR-34300 Cap d’Agde
Substrate Serge Ferrari Frontside View 381
Substrate Flexlight Perform 702 s2 opaque
Quantity 820 m2
Year 2021
Contractor ACS Production

Facade architecture

Main image ©Tomorrowland

Printable Technical Textiles was selected to deliver the printed canvas for Tomorrowland’s giant main entrance area.

Best Music Event, Best Major Festival, World’s Best Festival, Best International Dance Music Festival: Tomorrowland is one of the world’s largest and most influential electronic dance music festivals. Not only renowned for its music and entertainment but also for the astounding stages and decors that create a magical atmosphere. These decors push the limits of what is possible.

Printable Technical Textiles was selected to deliver the printed textile for Tomorrowland’s giant main entrance area. Printed on both the outside and the inside, these massive, impressive tents create the first promise in this magical world. Besides the well-known high print quality, Printable Technical Textiles offered their services and high personal involvement in the preparation phase.

Printed structures and tents for events must stand out. Not only the appearance must be impressive, but they should also be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and they must be able to be put on and taken off several times without damaging the looks. Thanks to its heavy-duty characteristics, technical textiles printed with SolidskinTec are the perfect choice for a multiple-use event tent or event structure.

Project Description

Project Tomorrowland Main Entrance
Location BE 2850 Boom
Substrate Serge Ferrari Flexlight Perform 702 S2
Quantity 5200 m2
Year 2019
Contractor ARTNzo

Event Structures and Tents
Event Structures and Tents
Event Structures and Tents

Festivals, food-fests, glampings and campings, we can’t get enough of it. And they all share the same roof… tents. Tents are hot! Be it a gigantic tent for a festival audience or a private textile roof for two. Printable delivers on-demand printed tent fabrics.

Printed event tents are changing to be a creative experience both inside and outside. The design of tents contributes more and more to the creative understanding of what they are used for, both inside and out. Why? Because digital printing offers the opportunity to create stunning one-off tents with custom designs.

Printable Technical Textiles has a proven track record in printing on demand and coating tent materials at affordable prices producing the best-printed technical textiles on demand. We delivered fabrics for enormous double-sided printed projects like the main entrance of Tomorrowland, various printed fabrics for a wide range of alu-tent systems, printed tent canvas for glamping tents, and printed tent materials for small (festival)tents.

We use a wide range of tent fabrics that offer a warranty on appearance and that meet all requirements for fire resistance. Above all, we have the experience and the knowledge of protecting fabric and print against harsh weather and wind conditions. Printable Technical Textiles understands that speed and budgets are just as much part of the work as the creative aspect of this market. We are ready to help you realize your ideas for printed event tents.

printed event structures
printed event structures
printed tent fabric
Printed event tents
Printed event tents
Festival tents
Printed festival tents