The new bus terminal at Zwolle train station is adorned with a beautiful sun sail, even if in the wet climate of the Netherlands one would rather call it a weather sail. The canvas’ decoration is created making use of the latest photo and print techniques and protected with a unique coating. The canvas, with a total weight of 900 kg, is printed and attached to the steel construction of the hood of 70 x 13 meters. The project was created in close cooperation with Buitink Technology.

Outside in

The design on the inside is used creatively to enhance the visitor experience. While the outside is kept white, to reflect the sunlight and regulate the temperature underneath. The benefits are clear: The fabrics can be printed in any design or colour, ensuring each application is a unique creation.

Printed fabric

Printable was selected for the project because of our dedicated technologies, which have been developed for optimal print-quality and an unrivalled preservation of the image. Our unique print and coating-techniques deliver a varnishing effect to the print and textile that create vibrant colours and deep blacks. More importantly, our coating enables us to deliver a 10 year unlimited warranty on this product, unprecedented in the world for printed architectural fabrics.

About the design

Three artists (Melle Mijnhardt, Tamme de Boer and Stefan Alberts) were selected to picture the city of Zwolle onto the canvas. Their images where photographed and prepared for print. Passengers arriving by train are not going to miss this feature, as they walk out of the train tunnel towards the busses and the city. The bus terminal only handles about 1.800 busses a day.

Project description

Project Busterminal
Location NL-8017JG Zwolle
Substrate Serge Ferrari 902S2 (type II)
Quantity 1000m2
Year 2018
Installer Buitink Technology